Clinical Research at CCC

Clearwater Cardiovascular Consultants is a private cardiology practice that conducts numerous FDA regulated investigational medical studies in hopes of assisting with approval for new treatment options in cardiology.  These studies are sponsored by pharmaceutical and device companies, as well as government and educational institutions.  Clinical Research Studies are conducted as part of the process of obtaining FDA approval for new medical treatments, so that they can be used by the public safely and effectively.


The CCC physicians have had a dedicated Clinical Research Department since 1992.  Research studies are conducted at all 3 office locations as well as at local hospitals.  The commitment to clinical research has provided CCC physicians with the ability to provide their patients with the most current and powerful treatments available in cardiology today.  The department is staffed by a highly trained, experienced team of full-time clinical research nurse coordinators and support staff who place patient safety and care as their number one priority.


Research studies rely on volunteers to test these new investigational treatments.  In order to be eligible to participate in a study, volunteers must meet specific criteria. The criteria help to focus the specific medical population being studied, minimize variables and provide patient safety. Clinical research study volunteers assist in the advancement of science and help develop medical therapies that may someday offer better treatments for future cardiology patients. At CCC, we consider our research study volunteers to be medical heroes.


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